5th June 2020

Triund Trek/Kheerganga: Adventure or Excruciation

Looking for Adventure? Friends and Family advising you on a trek for self-discovery, just like Imtiaz Ali’s film?
Here we suggest you two mesmerizing treks in Himachal Pradesh, which surely will help you to know your potential.
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Triund Top
Triund is situated at the top of Himachal Pradesh’s cute district Kangra. It’s a 9 km long trek, it could take 3 to 6 hours to reach the top of it. Some people compare Triund Trek with Kheerganga Trek, but in our opinion both are drastically different. Trekking enthusiasts would experience it differently. Kheerganga is full of beautiful scenarios, waterfalls, villages, and steepness, on the other hand, Triund is full of rocky path and mesmerizing beauty of mountains. Triund is best for the beginners and for those who have visited Vaishno Devi. In our opinion, the top view of Triund is far better than that of Kheerganga’s.
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Hot water Spring at Kheerganga.
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Kheerganga is 14 km long trek, one that could take 4 hours to infinite hours(trust us we know) to reach the top. First 7 km is full of serene views and easy to trek, but the vigourous difficulty kicks in after those 7kms. The remaining distance starts when you reach the bridge, some people give up after seeing the next step of the trek, as the remaining distance is very steep and full of rocky path. It is advised that one should carry a water bottle, lots of energy bars and 1 bottle of rum( as it gives the will to complete the trek).
The amazing part of these treks is that it will help you to boost your confidence and discover your true potential.
Essentials which should be carried while traveling to these places:

  1. A rucksack (at least 50 Litres)
  2. cargos
  3. sweatshirts
  4. t-shirts
  5. Sports shoes/Hiking shoes
  6. water bottles
  7. energy bar(s)
  8. torch
  9. Powerbank
  10. sleeping bags and Tent(optional, as it is provided at the top of these destinations.)

Our Experience:
It was surely a unique one as one of our team member almost gave up and was begging us to go back to the hotel. But we didn’t listen to him and then he asked for rum, we handed him the rum and after 2 sips, we don’t know(or do we ?) from where he got the determination to complete the remaining trek without any breaks in between and for chain-smokers out there, it is highly advised to take your own pack of cigarettes because monopoly at the end destination will eat up your pockets and can hamper your budget.

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