5th June 2020

Tension Arrives: What After Graduation?

In May 2019, many students of DU, IP University and many other major universities will graduate, are you also graduating this year? At this time many students are planning to start their career after college and many are planning for higher studies. Some of you are eagerly waiting for campus placements and some are just focusing on their final semester exams. It is advised that don’t depend on college for your career. There are many other options to explore.
College isn’t enough
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Off-campus placements are far better than campus placements, as they are open to you with diverse opportunities. On the other hand, campus placement restricts you to limited opportunities.
Internships Strengthen your resume
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Some organizations provide Pre Placement Offers to their intern on the basis of their performance. It gives you a first movers choice as you will be considered and given preference by the company after your graduation.
Build Connection with People in Real Life
Image result for corporate Making a connection on LinkedIn is a good way to connect with people working in corporates but when you have worked with people during your internship stay connected with them. Keep them updated about your work and stuff. This will also help you to grow.
Stay Hungry 
Image result for knowledge Internships will help you to build a strong resume and you will be given preference by the companies by judging you on the basis of your resume. You should make a list of all the companies that you are willing to work with. Surf everything about all these respective companies and look out for opportunities.

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