The Overrated and Underrated Change

27th August 2019

The change is one of the most overrated yet an underrated concept. The fact remains that change is something that occurs itself. Each and every moment you spend on the earth you are changing. The fact that you are thinking about change is change itself. Changing takes time and so does everything else. Sit for […]

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How Your Surrounding Is Important

22nd May 2019

Every time, people commensurate your background with your personality. Day by day, you develop with your outer environment so synergies with the environment are necessary. The only thing in you is your customs which deciphers the real you. The way in which you express yourself either your gestures or postures, everything matters. Even the single […]

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Media in Violence is Not Related With Media in Society

24th February 2019

Media play important role in our lives. With the help of media, we get update about the events which are happening around the world. We get to know about the actors, politicians and many other people. Media helps us to know about the real face of some politicians by broadcasting interviews. It creates a fear […]

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Don’t Procrastinate Everytime

2nd February 2019

Every time I want to do something but sometimes, I just delay to go further. Most of the time, we say that I will do or I must do. So firstly, leave this habit. Don’t leave your work for the future. Just start now and do now. Future is uncertain. Nobody knows what will happen […]

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3rd Most Dangerous Country

9th December 2018

Since India is ranked 3rd among the top most dangerous country for women’s to live, It’s the high-time to talk about the security of the women of our country, our sister, our daughter, wife or mother how safe they are in the country where an 8 yrs. old girl was raped, we live in a […]

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Is There A Need For “Statue Of Unity”?

22nd November 2018

(We are not Modi haters or Kejriwal fans. During the voting season, we press the NOTA button, so it’s a humble request to all the viewers not use cuss words in the comment section and please don’t drag us to the court.) Statue of Unity’s construction started in October 2013, before Modi Ji become Prime […]

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Ruskin Bond’s Words Taught Me To Fall In Love, Find Beauty In Simple Things & To Feel Every Emotion

15th November 2018

In the last few years I have passed through Deoli many times and I always look out of the carriage window half expecting to see the same unchanged face smiling up at me. I wonder what happens in Deoli, behind the station walls. But I will never break my journey there. It may spoil my […]

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