Social Awareness

Let Me Be Kind and Wise to You.

1st November 2018

We often tend to ignore or neglect the symptoms of any mental illness. One of the biggest mistakes you can do, as a second person is to push the person suffering into this even further. It is all about our words. Our words build the foundation of the person who we become and who we […]

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If Feminism is About Choice, Why Do We Bash About Women Fasting Karwa Chauth?

29th October 2018

I started out writing this article with a completely different perspective on women fasting for their husbands on Karwa Chauth. There was an elaborate debate amongst members of the iDiva team, where we disputed the idea of this tradition, what it stands for and how it could be viewed as regressive and archaic. We also […]

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Early Symptoms of Depression

11th October 2018

On 10th of October every year the world celebrates Mental Health Day in order to spread awareness and educate people about mental health problems. It is really shocking and heartbreaking to know that one out of four people have suffered or will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lives. The most common […]

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Happy World Mental Health Day

10th October 2018

Another day which reminds us of a very serious issue which very thankfully is not a widespread issue, but an issue how so ever. This day is a reminder for all of you out there to have a great mental health and keep your mind in shape as well as your body. A lot of […]

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How to Eradicate Gender Inequality                            

6th October 2018

India has a long history of discriminating against women. Gender inequality still exists wherever we go. This include society, workplace or commercial areas. You can see in your home too. As a youth, I want that environment which gives equal opportunities to man and women to chase their dreams and access to all resources. We […]

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5th October 2018

Every individual at every single time thinks to change everything. But the truth is that we don’t accept changes as an individual. As Human being, we think to change the world but the better and viable option is to change ourselves first because before you tell someone to do something, you need to experience it. […]

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Gender Equality?

3rd October 2018

It is that issue of society which needed to be addressed. We usually talk about the gender equality but somewhere we fail to adopt in real life. From your own home to the outside world, there is discrimination between men and women. There is a framework in the society that makes differences between men and […]

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Periods: Not The TABOO

27th September 2018

Today, we live in a modern society where we talk about everything. Is it really truth?? We usually talk about all the damn things but when it comes to the topic “PERIODS” then it treated as a bad thing. Please don’t talk about that topic. It is impure. I said, “why?” The society where we […]

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Fake Faces for Fake World

21st September 2018

In today’s scenario, everybody wants to show their happiness towards the real world but in real life, it does not indeed happen. Usually, we do not share our real side. When I step out to my house, I see fake faces everywhere which are also looking back at me but it matters how we present […]

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Love with Homosexual is Not Guilt

19th September 2018

Freedom is important in everybody’s life. We have completed our 72 years of independence. Our constitution of India gives equal right to each and every citizen but is it really happen? Have all got freedom or not? But what happened to the people who are transgender. Is these people not a citizen of India? Finally, […]

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Youth Smoking : Trend Nowadays

13th September 2018

Every next student which may include school kids or teens thinks that smoking is cool. By making rings of hookah and upload their photos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and so on. They think that by doing so, they are fashionably alluring. Sometimes, some even take under stress or pressure. By taking it, […]

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Aurat: Breaking Stereotype Barriers

23rd July 2018

Female safety in the world is a big concern now. There is no single country in the world where women are not disrespected and discriminated against. It’s not such a matter of concern with some countries but, with some, it is. I’m pretty sure that all of you know that from who females are to […]

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