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Let’s Say Goodbye To The Most Happening Year

31st December 2018

As another year came to end, let’s have a look at all those things that bought laughter in our depressed life. Handful events that took place in 2018 that were shocking, disturbing, hilarious but at the end, we should say goodbye to the year on a happy note. Let’s have a look at some trending […]

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Ladies, Here Are Six Gifts You Could Ask Your Brothers To Gift You This Bhaidooj

9th November 2018

From getting mocked over anything and everything vis-a-vis your appearance, to making it alive through his WWE inspired body-slams, sisters around the world have had to undergo an array of sweet-tortures at the hands of their brothers. But hey, you are smart, aren’t you? You know that the best way of getting back at your […]

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Not Going Home This Diwali Has Taught Me That It’s Festival Only When It’s With Family!

7th November 2018

For Indians everywhere, Diwali isn’t just a one-day festival. It’s almost a state of mind tinged with nostalgia as we spend the week visiting all our friends, spending time with family, and making memories that will last us a whole year. And, that’s how I’ve spent eighteen  Diwalis. However, this year is going to be […]

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Happy World Mental Health Day

10th October 2018

Another day which reminds us of a very serious issue which very thankfully is not a widespread issue, but an issue how so ever. This day is a reminder for all of you out there to have a great mental health and keep your mind in shape as well as your body. A lot of […]

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An Ode to my Teacher

5th September 2018

You were like a candle The one who consumed Herself just for me So that I could shine Even outside the school.   You took the profession Which teaches all other professions So that one day you could say That the future of the world Is in my classroom.   Now that you are going […]

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15th August 2018

What is freedom? It is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. Our country, India, is a free country. Citizens are free to do anything. We are free to act as we like and are free to voice our own opinions. But, are we really free? Today is the 75th […]

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9 Quotes on Friendship Which'll Force You To Call Your BFFs

5th August 2018

“Dosti hoti toh hai kisi ke aane pe, Par banti hai kisi ke thhere jaane pe” -Borrowed Impressions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. (Source: Screenshots by the Maanas Rajore)  

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