Welcome Winter, Welcome Dandruff

24th December 2018

Winter is here and it has brought some dandruff for us. Dandruff in winters is usually caused by a dry scalp, which can feel itchy at times. To treat dandruff right, you’ve got to use the right hair care products that are meant for the job. In the winter, we switch many shampoo and conditioner […]

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“Stock Market Investor As A Full Time Career” : Yes or No

23rd December 2018

Many people in our country think that the stock market is some sort of gambling if done wisely than it can bring a huge amount of profit or else it can create a hole in our pockets. (Source: Google Images) Now the question arises that “Is stock markets a good career option and can one […]

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A Letter To Critics From A Marvel Fan

22nd December 2018

Dear Critics It’s been too long since you gave good reviews to any DC Comics movie and I thought I should write to you to see how everything is. So how are you and I hope every critic is doing fine and giving mixed reviews to DC movies. As a comic book fan, it hurts […]

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Most Safest Place To Schedule A Blind Date(People Living In Metro Cities)

20th December 2018

“Har Kisi Ko Nhi Milta Yaha Pyaar Zindagi Mein, Agar Mil Jayte Toh Chhodna Kyu”. In today’s time, dating apps are more famous than the matrimony sites. Tinder, Happn, Quack Quack are such examples of these dating apps. You will find at least one of these mentioned apps in the phones of 80% of the […]

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Aquaman : Jason Momoa Drowns You In Feelings For DCEU

17th December 2018

Well, DCEU has done it again(like every other time). Aquaman hit the screens this week and if you have seen it already (shame on you if you haven’t) you know it hit you in places of your heart you didn’t know existed. Aquaman is what you get when you have a simple and unique storyline […]

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The State of UP Set To See Four More Statues after Lord Rams

17th December 2018

After the humongous Statue of Unity at Narmada district in the state of Gujrat, Uttar Pradesh is set to install four statues. The Yogi Adityanath led state has already approved the statue of Lord Ram in Ayodhya and will see the instalment of statues of Vivekanand at the Raj Bhawan, while a statue of former […]

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Perks of Having A Family Business

14th December 2018

Many 90s’ kids must have gone through this phrase “Tere Baap Ka Business hai, Tu Kyu Padd Raha Hai?”(Your father is a businessman, why are you studying and wasting his money?), and many other such vague comments. These comments mostly come from those friends who are jealous of you or they think that you don’t deserve to be your […]

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3rd Most Dangerous Country

9th December 2018

Since India is ranked 3rd among the top most dangerous country for women’s to live, It’s the high-time to talk about the security of the women of our country, our sister, our daughter, wife or mother how safe they are in the country where an 8 yrs. old girl was raped, we live in a […]

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“Our Sound Is Tasty”: Coldplay, A Heah Full Of Dreams

26th November 2018

The wait is over. Coldplay’s documentary A Head Full Of Dreams is out on Amazon Prime Videos. Mat Whitecross, the director of the film blends spectacular live performances with the exclusive band interviews and a huge array of unseen footages. (Source: Google Images) In 1996, Mat Whitecross met Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland […]

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Is There A Need For “Statue Of Unity”?

22nd November 2018

(We are not Modi haters or Kejriwal fans. During the voting season, we press the NOTA button, so it’s a humble request to all the viewers not use cuss words in the comment section and please don’t drag us to the court.) Statue of Unity’s construction started in October 2013, before Modi Ji become Prime […]

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MIRZAPUR- Another Virgin Mojito In The List Of “NIMBU PANI”.

21st November 2018

Here comes the answer from Amazon Prime to Netflix’s Sacred Games in the name of Mirzapur. It is most likely to be compared to sacred games as from its trailer we can conclude that it is full of action, rawness in the form of foul language and some sensuous moments too. The story is based […]

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Post-Diwali Hangover

19th November 2018

Diwali the festival which is celebrated with all the efforts around the world leaves a bad hangover for all of us maybe gifting us this pollution as a Diwali gift to us. Harmful pollutants which are present in the atmosphere which makes the air poisonous is what air pollution is all about. When this polluted […]

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16th November 2018

To All the cute little chubby pretty ladies out there, Hiii, I am fine and hope you are sailing in the same boat. I just wished to write you a letter in order to talk about you, yes you are pretty and yes you can’t be compared with any zero sized figure. You are beautiful […]

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Ruskin Bond’s Words Taught Me To Fall In Love, Find Beauty In Simple Things & To Feel Every Emotion

15th November 2018

In the last few years I have passed through Deoli many times and I always look out of the carriage window half expecting to see the same unchanged face smiling up at me. I wonder what happens in Deoli, behind the station walls. But I will never break my journey there. It may spoil my […]

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Hidden Games You Can Play On Google

13th November 2018

Google, the all-powerful search engine is as amusing as it is useful. It is packed with many games that are quite enjoyable and can be accessed by using simple search terms. Zerg Rush This is a tribute to Starcraft, the real-time strategy game series, but is much simpler than the video game. Search “Zerg Rush” […]

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Jashn E rekhta Informed Sapiens

A Literature Rich Ending to 2018- Literature Festivals in Delhi

10th November 2018

The Month of November is back with its awesomeness. This year too the literature enthusiast in Delhi and nearby will be left amused and satiated of their literature thirst. They have some of the most amazing festivals to attend and quench their thirst till the next year. These three festivals will be the best place […]

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10th November 2018

The movie starts off with little Zafira casting a palace of Raunakpur and having a conversation with his father Mirza Sahib (played by Ronit Roy which was a supporting role for the base of the storyline). The story is pitched in the British period in India. Mirza is very well aware of the cruel behaviour […]

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Ladies, Here Are Six Gifts You Could Ask Your Brothers To Gift You This Bhaidooj

9th November 2018

From getting mocked over anything and everything vis-a-vis your appearance, to making it alive through his WWE inspired body-slams, sisters around the world have had to undergo an array of sweet-tortures at the hands of their brothers. But hey, you are smart, aren’t you? You know that the best way of getting back at your […]

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Not Going Home This Diwali Has Taught Me That It’s Festival Only When It’s With Family!

7th November 2018

For Indians everywhere, Diwali isn’t just a one-day festival. It’s almost a state of mind tinged with nostalgia as we spend the week visiting all our friends, spending time with family, and making memories that will last us a whole year. And, that’s how I’ve spent eighteen  Diwalis. However, this year is going to be […]

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Most Awaited Trailer Released Finally

2nd November 2018

Red Chillies with Colour Yellow launched the trailer of his much-anticipated film Zero at a grand event at Mumbai’s Wadala IMAX.  Trailer of Zero finally released today, it looks fresh and amazing. Director Anand L. Rai, known for directing many films like Tanu Weds Manu, Raanjhana and many other films teased a lot about the film during […]

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